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An unapologetic lover of fitness, Ihuoma Nwigwe’s passion for fitness and health can be traced back to her childhood: her father played lawn-tennis and her mother was a Physical Education teacher who introduced her to the world of track-and-field.

This fuelled her passion for fitness and with years of certified experience she has risen to become one of Africas leading fitness trainers and would guarantee you reach your goals as long as you are ready to “Move your body to lose your body”.

A graduate of Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, Ihuoma majored in health science and minored in sociology. During her university years she embarked on a unique fitness journey which included training for the Miss Connecticut competition and discovering fitness. After unlocking the numerous health benefits of fitness, Ihuoma dropped from a US 14 dress size to US 7 in 2008.

Since moving back to Nigeria in 2013, Ihuoma has rediscovered her affinity and passion for fitness and is committed to elevating the standard in Nigeria’s health and wellness industry. She continues to expand her professional pursuits which now include, amongst multiple milestones, successful ventures in hospitality management. A proud mother of an 8-year old track-and-field star in the making, her inherited trait for sporting excellence seems to have passed on to the next generation.

Ihuoma was able to learn her body type and what she needed to do to transform it to what she wanted. You need to understand each client’s body type first and foremost before deciding on how you can transform and sculpt that body. Another point is the fact that fitness for Ihuoma is a lifestyle. Making her clients understand that this is a process and not an overnight change is very important. Ihuoma engages her clients by actually exercising with them. She is in it with them and this helps get them to push harder. She is available to discuss nutrition at no additional cost. Nutrition is very important in lifestyle change (80% Food and 20% Fitness) and emphasizing this is important.

Ihuoma is also the #1 STRONG BY ZUMBA Certified trainer in Nigeria training in various fitness studios in Lagos.

As the CEO of her Selfitness Brand (Strength, Endurance, Longevity, Fitness), she is dedicated to making fitness a healthy, yet natural lifestyle for all, ensuring that people have fun while staying in shape.

One of her key goals is to show the world that eating clean can be fun through her dynamic Nutrition & Meal Prep plans.

If you have a fitness goal, Selfitness is dedicated to ensuring you smash it.