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A Brief About Ihuoma Nwigwe

An unapologetic lover of fitness, Ihuoma Nwigwe’s passion for fitness and health can be traced back to her childhood: her father played lawn-tennis and her mother was a Physical Education teacher who introduced her to the world of track-and-field.

This fuelled her passion for fitness and with years of certified experience she has risen to become one of Africas leading fitness trainers and would guarantee you reach your goals as long as you are ready to

Move your body to lose your body”.

We Are Strong By Zumba Certified

Looking for a fun way to shred all that body fat & stay fit while getting your heart rate up?

This is for YOU!

Our Strong by Zumba classes would have you busting moves while making that body fat cry!

Get your dancing shoes, sorry your gym shoes ready to dance to the beat with our Strong by Zumba sessions.

Nutrition Advice

Finding it difficult to diet and enjoy the process?

Lets meal prep for you!

We understand one of the hardest things about the fitfam lifestyle is the challenges with nutrition and that's what we at Selfitness specialize in, taking the weight off your shoulders (no pun intended).

We would tailor your meals to your goals and have you looking forward to eating clean and training dirty.






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